Just $2.00 Short


It’s amazing to me that God can show himself to you in the most unexpected ways. The most unexpected places.

Today, while shopping in Dollar Tree, I saw one of the Mom’s from my boys’ school, she looked rushed and didn’t return my smile, as she passed by. As I was getting into the checkout line, I looked ahead and she was standing at the register counting a pile of pennies the she had dumped out on the conveyor belt. She ended up being $2.00 short and I could see her embarrassment as she apologized to me and the cashier. Then she explained to us that it was her sons birthday and she was trying to buy him some gifts. I started digging through my pockets looking for cash (I always use my debit card). I only had 36 cents.

Then, the cashier at the next register said to our cashier, “Looks like your register is messed up, she’s good.” The Mom looked like she was in shock as she thanked them and headed out the door. I was humbled as this kind of situation has happened to me in the past. I’m sure that it has happened to more people than will admit it. So very humbling.

As I got home and started to unpack my purchases, I felt God telling me to help her, so I called Dollar Tree and the women said they had been talking about how they wanted to help her out for her sons birthday and had filled a bag with toys they had bought for him. I went by, picked up the toys and delivered them to his teacher at school just before he got on the bus. Happy Birthday, Buddy!!


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