Are You A Cheap Date? Part 2 of 2

Are You a Cheap Date? Frugal Date Ideas Part 2

 Here are a few more frugal ideas that will still allow you to have a date night- but not break the bank.


Dessert Only– have dinner at home and then go out for a yummy dessert at your favorite restaurant- make sure you feed each other.

Use the Entertainment Book – If you are looking to go out to dinner at a nice restaurant I recommend always using theAmazon Local or Groupon. With the these types of sites you get BOGO dinners. I like this not only for the discounts but because it can encourages you to try new places and order different foods.

Stay in– 1. Rent a movie- I recommend Redbox. It is only $1.25 to rent a movie from them And 2. Make a “taste alike restaurant recipe” check out either Top Secret Recipes or CopyKat Recipes for some yummy ideas.


Dollar Movie– Go to a dollar movie theater. Seriously- for $2 you can get some glorious time alone with your sweetie.

Go out for Ice Cream– Make sure to sign up at both Baskin Robbins and Coldstone for your free birthday ice cream- if you do it’s basically four 1/2 price dates taken care of for the year.



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