Are You A Cheap Date? Part 1 of 2

Are You a Cheap Date? Frugal Date Ideas Part 1

We all need time to unwind with our spouse or significant others- even if you are on the tightest budget. It just replenishes our relationships and takes us back to when we first met.
Life is busy; take some time to get away with the one you love.
If you have kids a date night can automatically get expensive because of babysitting. If you don’t have a family member near by who is willing to watch them for a few hours I would recommend getting together with a friend that has kids and scheduling a monthly babysitting trade- this way you get some time away for free.

Get Coffee or Tea- Go to a coffeehouse and grab a coffee and a goodie. If you don’t get the huge drink option this date can run you under $10 and a good hour or more of alone time.
Trip to the Book Store/Library- Take a trip to the bookstore or library. Again, grab a coffee and treat then head to the travel section. Do some dreaming about your next vacation.

Your own Backyard- Open a bottle of wine or your favorite drink, spread out some cheese and fruit and watch the stars!
Get out, outside that is- go to the beach, river, public garden, or a local park, enjoy some fun in the sun.

Make a Pizza- and do it together. Pick out your favorite ingredients and decorate the toppings together. We love it all! Onions, pepperoni, ham, pineapple, peppers, jalapenos, sausage, bacon, tomatoes, banana peppers, extra cheese, the possibilities are endless!


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