Fingerprint Christmas Lights


While browsing through  Christmas Kid Crafts on Pinterest, I came across these adorable Fingerprint Christmas Lights and knew that I would have to try it out with my own children! I always stock up on the .50 paints at Wal-Mart and always have paint laying around, so this is basically a free craft to try out, as long as you have some plain white paper laying around with that paint stash.

First take a black sharpie and draw a line with swirls in it. Then draw little squares along the line spaced out to be the bottom of the bulb part.

Have the child dip their pointer finger in different color paints (we used the paint caps to make it easier) and push them right above the black squares. You can do the colors in patterns or have the kids do it randomly!


Christmas & Winter Fingerprint Craft Ideas For Kids


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