Pine Cone Garland

My Choice Mondaygarland


SUPPLIES & TOOLS: • 2 bags Cinnamon-scented pine cones* • 3 strands Red glass beads* • 2 spools Swiss dot red ribbon, 3/8″ wide • 1 spool Floral wire • Brown floral tape • Scissors • Wire cutters • Tape measure *Bags of pine cones and strands of beads create a 5-ft garland. More may be necessary for longer garland. DIRECTIONS: 1. Cut long length of wire. Additional length can be added at any time. 2. Make a 4″ loop on one end of wire. String four beads onto wire and push to loop end. 3. Add pine cone next to beads, wrap the wire around the widest portion of the pine cone twisting tightly to hold. 4. String three beads on and push next to Pine cone. 5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 until reaching desired length. 6. End with four beads. Twist wire to form the end loop. 7. Use ribbon to create large loops for easy hanging, or a bow. Attach to end loop with wire.   Found this awesome craft on the link provided below.


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