Mysterious Helpers




About a year ago, as I was coming home one afternoon from getting the boys from school, I ran out of gas. I knew that with all three kids in the car with me, I would need help, so I called my husband Clint to come help me. Out of nowhere, this woman came up and offered to push my car to the side of the road. As I was in the middle of a busy street, just as all of the parents were getting their children from school, I knew that this would be no easy task. I thanked the woman, but alone, I knew that she wouldn’t be able to push it and I knew that I couldn’t get out of the car to help her, because there was no one else to drive my car. I thanked her again for her offer to help, but kindly declined as I explained that other than me, there was no one else to drive or steer my car to the side of the road. She smiled and walked away towards the back of my car, as I explained the situation to Gabe and Eli, who were 8 and 3 years old and who by this time, had convinced themselves that they could push the car by themselves. Bless their hearts. I looked up, out of my windshield, and this same woman and a man, who wasn’t with her moments before, were walking towards my stalled car.

To make a long story, a short one, these two strangers didn’t push my car to the side of the road…..they pushed it down the street, through an intersection and to a gas station, right up beside a gas pump. I smiled at them and thanked them from inside of my car. As I got out of the car to shake their hands, I looked all around, but they were no longer there.

“Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing so, some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it. ” Hebrews 13:2


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