The Book Jar



I saw this awesome idea on Pinterest and as I am an avid reader, I thought that this would be the perfect thing to try out and to share with you, as well.

So, what exactly is a book jar?

It’s any jar or bottle that you fill with slips of folded up paper, each piece of paper has the title of a book or author you want to read on it. You commit to pulling out a piece of paper whenever you’re bored and you read the book selected. It’s a cool way to actually read all of the books that you have always wanted to read, but never gotten the chance to. Such a better thing to do, instead of rereading the same books over and over.

To make a book jar…

Find or buy a jar or bottle that’ll work for you. I have old Kerr jars laying around, those would be perfect. Of course, you could probably find a good jar at Goodwill.  Next, grab some cardstock or colored paper and a pair of scissors and cut it into strips. Once you’ve got a pile of slips you’re ready to create the jar.

Start thinking of all the books you want to read.  Or would you rather just read everything in your bookcase or piled up by the side of the bed? Whatever it is, start writing the titles of the books on the slips. When you’re done, fold them up, toss them in the jar, shake it up and boom!– you now have a book jar. Simply pull out a title whenever you’re in the mood to read. Gone are the days where you won’t know what to read.


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