Apple Book Craft


I am always looking for new craft ideas to try out. I don’t always wait for my two boys to get home from school to start making the craft, as I sometimes let the excitment of trying something new get to me. This Apple Book Page Craft was one that I did all by myself and was very pleased with how it turned out. I found this craft at, and I am so glad that I did. Thank you hymns and verses.

Get dressed, grab your purse and go to Goodwill. In the back corner, is usually a sad little corner with piles of unwanted and discarded old books. I chose my book for this craft very carefully. I didn’t want to use one that may be an inspirational or enlightening book for someone. I found an old football statistics books that looked perfect for my project. Once you choose your book and place it in your cart, you will undoubtedly hear it sigh with relief that it is being rescued from the sad and lonely shelves of the musty bookshelf at Goodwill.

Pay for your book at the register and bring it home with you. Once home, remove the front and back covers and use the cover to make an apple outline.

 Once you have made your template, line it up to the spine of your book and trace it on with an ink pen. Once you have traced the template onto your book page, cut along the outline with an exacto knife.

Press firmly so that you don’t have a ragged outline. I cut a few pages at a time and found it easier to handle that way.

Once you have cut along all of the book pages, run a line of hot glue along the spine and fold it together and hold it in place until the glue has cooled.

Hold your books pages together and paint the edges red with watercolor paints.I painted heavily so that the red paint would really soak into the pages.

Once the pages are dry, fold the pages out and let it stand. I broke a tree branch off of our pear tree and clued it into the top of the apple. I also cut out a small leaf and trimmed the edges of the leaf in bright green paint. Yay! You have an adorable little book page apple. We actually put ours in a cute little gift bag and gave it to my son’s fourth grade teacher. She loved it and keeps it on her school desk.


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